Deneen Joyner, Author

Soul Wounds & Sacred Revelations examines the DNA surrounding emotional pain and provides a blueprint to examine the lessons sent in our lives to master pain and healing. It delves into the role our ancestors and family play with allowing us to see ourselves, what we are made of, and how it is all intrinsically tied to a soul contract created before we even took our first breath, one that has been waiting several lifetimes to be fulfilled.

Nationally award-winning memoir

Author Joyner, takes readers on an indigenous healing journey as she recounts her dark night of the soul in 2011 that almost left her dead by suicide. Witness vulnerability, courage and power as she transforms her life from a hostage to emotional pain to a modern day warrior daughter as she fights to end decades of carrying emotional pain. At the heart of this beautiful memoir, is the guided wisdom channeled to her by the ancient voices of her Native American and Igbo ancestors.

“My beloved ancestors were not truly free until I decided to tell this story.”

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