I am Deneen Marlette Joyner

I am a Black Indian woman and descendant of highly gifted indigenous ancestors dating several centuries ago.

I am a seventh daughter and the seventh generation to my family's lineage.


I am the heir to my family's healing legacy.

I have inherited a blessed key from the universe that unlocks a huge mystery surrounding an age-old problem, emotional pain.

I step forth today lovingly guided by God, to show others the way by sharing ancient spiritual wisdom about all there is to know about an energy known as emotional pain, so we may be healed and free to remember who we truly are and why we are here.

Awaken dear souls, much time has been wasted, there’s work to do…

If you've grown tired of pretending to be happy and desire a new way to live, it's time to remove the mask and follow me to the other side of pain.

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